Tuesday, September 18, 2012


so here's the start of my Halloween photography for the year, just some captures from stores in this area like Walgreens and Party City. i'm hoping to make it out to the Joann Fabrics and Michael's here as those were always some of my fave Halloween aisles in the stores in Michigan but it's about a $10 train ride away :p also  when it gets closer to the end of October i'll be grabbing my pro cam to see what kind of decoration goes on out here for the holiday and snapping some photos of that too.

i'll be waiting till after October 31st to head back to these stores and buy whatever i can get my hands on ;)

also had my first run with fake blood for the year :) will be attempting some serious makeup for my costumes so i want to play around with different techniques and kinds of blood.

since my birthday is almost a month away i'm really going to try updating more in anticipation of attempting a 365day Blog starting the day i turn 30. will be getting the blog in better shape by then, adding tags and stuff like that so post about certain subjects are easier to find. and if anyone has any suggestions about things they'd like to see on this blog i'd love to hear them, i'll definitely need some inspiration to keep things going daily. 

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