Monday, October 1, 2012


so i'm pretty proud of myself for having my new HALLOWEEN KANDI Bangle Sets done in time to list them right at the start of October. if you follow me at all anywhere on the net you know i'm quite the procrastinator ;)

these can currently be purchased in my Store and i'm hoping to add more sets throughout the month.

so now that October is here i will be blogging every day leading up to the start of my 365 Day Blogging Challenge which i'll cleverly be titling Dirrty 30. not very original i know, but definitely appropriate. i'm also one of those people who celebrates my birthday all month long. i wish that meant partying every day :p but really just means that i try to have fun all month, do the stuff i love, or even just catching a fave horror flick (which you can imagine are not scarce this month :):), as long as i'm celebrating the month of October.

and if you haven't heard yet i'm working at a costume shop all month (dream job!) so i get to dress up for work and pretty much just be surrounded by what i love all day long so i think it's going to be a really fun October and a great start to my 30th year.

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  1. Sweet! I hope you have an awesome birthday! I'm guessing the big 30 will be on the Night of Frights itself?

    Thanks for sharing your adventures via blog -- I am intrigued by you, your character and talent. I first saw you on DA a few years back and was hooked immediately to the point where I'm starting to dabble in the crafts of jewelry making.

    You've really inspired me to try a different angle on life as well and to have fun. Once again thanks for being a muse to an artist such as myself.

    Have a very happy and safe birthday!!! :)