Friday, August 17, 2012


this post is an introduction to my latest project Wickedland Photography, a photo branch off of my blog. for a long time i've wanted to change up the subject matter of  my photography but never really made a move on it. in fact the photos below were all taken last year, the ones in the graveyard on Halloween and the others on a foggy morning in the woods surrounding my dad's house.

i'm not going to write a big long entry on what i hope to accomplish in starting this as i'm not really sure where i'll be taking it. only that i hope it encourages me to get out and explore this city for wicked looking places, people, and things. so i hope you enjoy my first set of photos, obviously i need some work but i think it's an ok start. 

 click the pic for a larger view

Tuesday, August 14, 2012


so here are some pics of the new hair, i'm quite happy with it

i used Shapeshifter Extensions in Raspberry Crush and Victorian Rose which are definitely my favorites out of all their pinks (and i've tried them all ;) so i'll be sticking with these colors for awhile. and even though i loved how it turned out i really want to change my dreads. i'm sick of the light pinks, i want them to all be the auburn color (or maybe even a darker red brown) so as soon as i can afford some new ones i'll be changing it :p guess my hair is never really done.

here's also a pic i snapped with my phone while i was working on it to give a better idea of the parting

(that's really what takes me the longest to do because i have to get them as straight as possible and as you can imagine it's difficult to do yourself :p)

as always i got my extensions from Doctored Locks, best supplier around. you should also browse their site for hair tips. i get asked all the time how i do my hair and they've got some great youtube vids with different techniques on installing all different kinds of extensions.