Monday, November 28, 2011


some better pics of my hair

want to take a moment to give a little bit of info on the the longer dreads i'm wearing. they are called Elysee Star Dreads and i get them from they were actually my first experience with synthetic dreads (started wearing them right when i got out of high school) and are slightly different than the norm when it comes to the dreads you see around. the main way they differ is you can only buy them in one size..long :p i think this was actually what made me stray away from them but is actually ideal now that i'm wearing a longer style. they are also a lot thinner than the normal dread and don't really taper as much. they also shed like crazy which you don't really find with the custom dreads you get in dread falls and the like. but now that i've had them in for awhile it's not much of a problem.

some great things about these dreads are 1) the price: even with the international shipping you'll end up paying less than when ordering custom dreads. 2) they have a pretty wide range of color options and some pretty crazy mixes, some even glow in the dark. and 3) again even considering the international shipping you are likely to get these faster than custom orders. lots of the shops out there making dreads have somewhat long turn around times and i doubt you'll wait longer than two weeks (how long they took to get to me) for these. i'll definitely be ordering these more often for all the reasons stated, already have some light pink ones on the way ^-^

i am also still wearing the dreads i got from too, by far my fave store to get custom dreads from. i've ordered from lots of different places over the years and these are the best quality and best looking i've ever had. AND they last ;)

hope this answers some of the questions out there (i've gotten so many :p), i will try and do a more informative blog like this about the loose extensions soon!

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  1. That is amazing!!!! i attempted to do my hair like yours but it didnt turn out exactly rite :P