Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Avenged Sevenfold Tomorrow!!

quick blog entry before i start getting all my stuff together to get on the road! will be seeing my fave band Avenged Sevenfold tomorrow in Fort Wayne IN along with Hollywood Undead who i also became a fan of after seeing them with A7X on the Nightmare After Christmas tour. i'll be getting into Indy tonight staying with some of my concert Family, Laura, Linc & Tristan :):) these guys have been amazing to me over the years after i met them at a Papa Roach show and it never feels like a show without them. some more of the concert Fam will be meeting there too and we're all heading to the venue tomorrow super early like always ;)

here is a sneak peek of my outfit

and i also customized my purse a little ;)

i am prone to making my own outfits for shows but my printer is broken and i didn't really have the time so this was my way of filling the void i guess :p

also can't hit a winter show without these

tip to other mini skirt enthusiast: tights and leg warmers are your friends ;) i've hit many a winter show in skirts that leave little to the imagination, waited in line for hours sometimes even in the snow, and escaped without frostbite (though i'm cheating a bit this with shorts under the skirt :p)

so i hope to see anyone else who's going tomorrow at the show! come up and say hi if you see me :) i love meeting other fans.

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