Wednesday, April 30, 2014


so here's a quick little update since i can't seem to find the time to sit down and write any proper blog entries :p my time is stretched so thin lately and i keep trying to find a flow where i can balance work with free time but my schedule keeps changing, more work keeps getting tacked on and it's becoming hard for me to keep up. i have no qualms working hard and working a lot, but when i can't find any time to do the things i want, that's when i start getting crazed. i've been super stressed for a few weeks now and it seems like there is no end in sight. it's also completely hindering any progression of the new jewelry line. i plan to work on it on my day off but i'm usually soooo tired that i end up actually taking the day off :p and then of course i have to catch up on errands and chores, and all the other stuff that gets pushed to the side while i'm at work. i'm not complaining, i like my job (which is a hard thing to find) i just wish i could find a rhythm that works and i don't feel like i'm all over the place allllll the time.
i'm also not really feeling my look ATM which makes things difficult daily as well. i REALLY miss all my pink hair :( i love the Burgundy but i just need more pink, it just feels wrong and looks. i really don't need to redo for awhile so i'm just going to ride it out but expect to see a lot more pink next time around :)
i have another project in the works that should be unveiled soon as i think i'll spend a lot of time on it today so keep an eye out for that :) might even throw another blog post up today if i find the time, but that's all for now (more morning blogging going down on my Tumblr right meow ;)

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  1. I have been Fallowing your blog for awile now and I love it.You seem like a very cool person.

    -Cheers :)