Monday, April 15, 2013

J E W E L R Y and W A R D R O B E

here's a shot from pics i took today modeling my new WOLF CRAFT Necklace. i'll be working on a few more to post tomorrow that focus a little more on my new(ish) hair as well. i also want to mention that i took this pic with my pro camera but did almost all the editing with my iPhone. maybe using filters is the easy way out but i always seem to find one that gives me the exact feel i'm looking for

(i'm assuming i'll get this question so i'll just say now that i'm not totally sure where i got my Ouija Board shirt at. i've had it since high school so really it could be from anywhere. i don't wear it a lot because it says 'Eternally Fine' at the bottom :p which i don't really like ...but it does glow in the dark :)

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