Thursday, March 14, 2013


surprise, i'm going brunette this time ^-^

i wanted a color to match my dreads better so i got the auburn shade Shape Shifters offers. it's called Cabernet and i fell in love with it so much that i decided to make it the predominant color. i think it compliments the pink really well and i'll still be using plenty of that color too ;) but i must admit i find myself drifting towards more natural colors these days, even my pink is toned down compared to past shades i've used. 

it's also worth mentioning that the more natural a color is when using synthetic extensions the more manageable the hair will be. when i had the light pink in my hair it was really coarse, was harder to braid in, and got tangled more easily. but the darker shades seem to be softer, go in easier, and last way longer because it's easy to untangle. just for the ease i'll probably be sticking with these colors for awhile.

so here's a progress pic. i'm moving pretty quickly :) hoping to have it done by the 26th! 

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