Sunday, February 24, 2013


i hate to say it but it looks like i won't be making it back for Rock On The Range this year, first time in five years i won't be attending :( it sucks because the line up is pretty badass and there are some older bands on the bill that i haven't seen live in a long time. but it seems like more than half the people who make that fest a good time aren't going either. not to mention it's always a challenge to see and i want to save my money for a show i have a better chance of getting front row at. so no telling when i'll be making it back to the Mid West this year. i not only want to see friends and fam but i REALLY want to get the rest of my belongings, especially my clothes :p so many i regret leaving behind now. 

i may not be going home anytime soon but one of my friends is coming here to visit next month :) so that'll be fun. it's already feeling like Spring Break around here (lots of tourist) so i'm sure there'll be plenty of parties to rage at.

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