Sunday, January 20, 2013


so i've been thinking about doing this for awhile, and even though i'm still apprehensive :p here it is, some before and after shots of weight loss since i moved to San Francisco. i know these pics are really horrible (especially the before) and even hard to see any difference because they are taken completely different ways but it's the best i can do. my only real reason for posting these is for motivation on my part, i'm hoping that the idea of chronicling my weight loss on this blog will give me more of a push to actually workout. and maybe in a few weeks or months i'll have some new (and way better looking) before and after shots. or if i'm actually keeping up with working out regularly more of a biweekly progress post :) we'll see

pics on the left were taken 7/2011 and the ones on the right a couple of days ago. most of the weight loss came from the fact that i walk everywhere now and also because i don't eat fast food anymore. don't get me wrong, i eat tons of french fries and pizza still but not McDonalds type quality and i think that's helped a lot. i'm not even really looking to lose anymore weight, really just tone up and get in better shape.

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