Friday, January 25, 2013


as of yesterday, i've been living in San Francisco exactly a year! woohoo, i'm really happy i've made it this long and am somewhat on the path of really getting settled here. it takes me a real long time to feel comfortable anywhere so i'm definitely still in transition. it's probably more common to have a post filled with all the noteworthy stuff that's happened the last 365 days, but if you haven't noticed i'm a girl of few words. i'd rather let a photo do the talking :) i've snapped pics all over the past year i've been here and posted very few. but i really love the way this city looks, it definitely has a spooky atmosphere to it and, as part of my Wickedland Photography project, i've been capturing all the places that jump out to me.

this is definitely my favorite photo thus far, i took it on Haight St. earlier this month (sorry if you've already seen this on my Instagram account)

i'm really in love with old looking houses, especially ones that look creepy and haunted. lots of the house around here have a historic kind of charm to them so expect more photos along these lines. and i'll be editing and posting more from earlier last year as well soon.

also completely random fact that has nothing to do with the above, i had 666 views on this blog last month...just thought i'd share ;)

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