Saturday, January 5, 2013

H A L L O W E E N 2 0 1 2

true to form i'm posting this blog horribly late, such is the nature of an avid procrastinator like myself :p but better late than never so here finally is my Halloween blog for 2012. let me start off by saying that i really enjoyed my first Halloween in San Francisco! it seemed like almost every establishment was is the holiday spirit and i couldn't walk by a place without seeing at least a pumpkin in the window if not some type of elaborate decoration. Halloween seems to be so easily passed over so it really makes my day to see places making an effort, especially all the bars i hit after working the long holiday hours. drinking a pumpkin beer while you're surrounded by fake spiderwebs and severed body parts is much more enjoyable in my opinion ^-^

if you follow my other accounts you've probably already seen some photos of my costume, i went as a Silent Hill Nurse. not necessarily a faithful execution, my costume was more just influenced by the character but i'm really happy with how it came out especially considering i ended up having to throw it together the night before Halloween.

i used lots of different fake blood including a cheap tube i picked up at Party City to cover my outfit. but the majority of the kind i used on my face (and my favorite) is the Dark Blood by Ben Nye. it gives a more aged grotesque look which i prefer when i'm doing zombie type stuff even though it's not the most comfortable to wear :p it doesn't dry just gets sticky and gross (but i guess thats true of real blood as well so it's pretty authentic ;) here are some pics i snapped with my phone   

and of course everyone else at the costume shop had rad costumes for Halloween too

my boss

and some of my coworkers 

and even though i said i wouldn't i hit the bar with some of the girls above and had a crazy fun time :) one beer turned in to three or four and these were the only pics that survived the drunken night

and since Halloween was during the week this year the weekend before was a huge party night too so me and one of my roommates went out then as well. he pretty much just went as himself ^-^ but i went as GoGo Yubari from Kill Bill. lots of peeps seemed to love this costume, it even got us free entrance into one of the clubs we hit! 

we ended up spending most of our night at this awesome club called Public Works. out of the few places i've partied out here this club is definitely one of my faves. it always has amazing DJs and the atmosphere is great too. the flyer for the party was badass

and i didn't find out about it till a few days before and was really worried about getting in. but the night of we decided to try our luck, we jumped the huge line that was wrapping around the building and found a line for people paying cash that was only a few people deep! we got really lucky and partied all night long, it was pretty much the one party i went to to celebrate my birthday so i was super happy about it.

i also snapped the cool costumes i saw out along the way that night. again it was all done with my phone so not the best quality. next year i think i'll bring out my real camera

these girls had actually just been in the costume shop and i helped them with their choices ^-^ it was really cool to see customers having a good time in our costumes. 

it also made this Halloween awesome by giving me the chance to dress up almost every day in October and really just make the fact that it's over not as bad since i can dress up at work all year long now :) so i hope you enjoyed my Halloween post! like i said next year i'll make a point to take better pics and of course try and not post it after the New Year.

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