Thursday, December 13, 2012


tonight's Xmas movie is 

i am not huge on Christmas, it's not anywhere on the same level as Halloween with me and i hate when all things Christmas start showing up in stores before October is even over. but i do have an obsession with holiday movies. i like to say ELF is at the top of my list but i really get into all the Santa Clause movies as well. the third one is hilarious to me :p and the 2nd one actually slightly creepy with the crazy big toy Santa. and of course can't go without mentioning Turbo Man ;) Jingle All The Way definitely has a special place in my heart.

Deck The Halls isn't the best but definitely has it's moments. so i'm not crazy for Christmas but i do love seeing the trees, and the lights, and just anything that gives off a holiday feeling. being around all the cool Santa stuff at the costume shop is nice too :) this'll actually be my first Xmas without snow (or my Fam like i mentioned in an earlier post) so it'll be weird but also just something different and i'm glad i get to spend the holidays some place new.

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