Thursday, December 20, 2012

if you follow my Twitter you probably saw my tweet about how i FIANLLY GOT MY ID!! WOOOO :) hehe. can't even begin to explain how big of a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. the whole ordeal has been stressing me out beyond belief ever since it happened and it's just amazing to not have to worry about it anymore. not to mention i can finally start looking for more work (although i'm in limbo over wether i should look for another straight job or start exploring more ways to get my jewelry out in San Fran like getting a vendors license and selling at fairs etc. i'm sure i'll have a whole other blog entry about this subject soon). and of course the boozing ;) it'll be nice to be able to hit the bars again too.

so i'm pretty booked up at the shop all weekend and for a few hours on Christmas Eve, but after that i have the whole rest of that week off so i'll definitely be working on new jewelry creations. buuuut come by the store now :) there is still FREE SHIPPING on US orders $8 or more!! don't miss out

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