Wednesday, November 21, 2012

tonight is arguably one of the biggest bar nights of the year but without my ID i'm stuck at home :p still waiting for it to come as i had it sent to somewhere in MI first. its probably for the better anyway since i don't have much money to party with at the moment and i'd also hate to miss the new SVU and AHS episodes tonight ^-^

so i did finish the dreads today, didn't have a chance to snap a pic but disappointed to say i'm not totally happy with the outcome. right at the end i ran out of auburn dreads so i had to put in three lighter pink ones -_- really wanted to eradicate that color completely but looks like i'll have to live with it a little longer. also don't have anything big planned tomorrow for Thanksgiving, this is actually the first time i'll be away from home for the holidays so its going to be a little weird. but me and my roomies are going to do dinner together so it should be a good time (i'll bring the booze ;).

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