Tuesday, November 13, 2012

just got back from an unsuccessful trek to the Fabric Outlet -_- went there without having any idea of what i wanted hoping for inspiration. probably a bad idea in general. saw lots of awesome stuff but couldn't really find anything to work together to make new items for my shop. left with some chains that will possibly be made into some necklaces or bracelets but not really happy with the purchase. the lack of jewelry supply in this area is starting to suck, for instance i know exactly what i want to create when it comes to beaded items but not one place to get what i need. and i'd rather not order online as i like to see the quality of what i'm getting plus it's pricey. it's just really upsetting, i feel like now is the time grow and evolve my store but this is really holding me back (mustn't discount the lack of focus and direction, also a factor).

i've got till next week before i start looking around for more work so hopefully i can get new items that i'm happy with up in the store before then.

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