Thursday, November 29, 2012


i try not to post too much fangirl type stuff on my blog but i came across this pic and from a film/acting admirers viewpoint found it very cool, it just happens to include Vincent D'Onofrio ;) the first pic is a photo of him at the Stanley Kubrick Exhibition that is currently going on in LA, watching Full Metal Jacket (which is arguably his most famous role). i just find that really awesome considering how far he's come. regardless of how attractive i think he is i really respect him as an actor and how involved he is in the independent film world

can't tell you how badly i wish i could go to this, mainly for the Shinning, but all the cool stuff happens in LA :p (the main reason i wanted to move to Cali in the first place) i'll have to find a cheap way to get out there, haven't been once since i moved.

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