Saturday, June 16, 2012

Rock On The Range & DEMF

hey all, long time no gig blog! May was actually the first chance i got to hit a concert all year (which is a huge change from pretty much going to one every month in the past :p) so i was extra excited to let loose and rock out. i was extremely lucky to be able to hit both Rock On The Range and DEMF (Detroit Electronic Music Festival aka Movement) this year. initially i was only planning on going to DEMF but right before i left to head back to Michigan my good friend @ashlee_shaddix wasn't able to make it to ROTR so she gave me her tickets. and with the last minute planning i obviously had no place to crash so my other good friends Laura & Tristan not only let me ride down with them but also let me stay in their hotel. so big thank you to all you guys :):) without you it wouldn't have been possible.
so this blog will be a little different, none of my fave bands were playing so instead of spending the entire day at the barricade i got to run around, meet people, get drunk, party with my friends, and just get crazy. so there won't be many band shots like my previous blogs. this is also mainly a photo blog, with a few captions here and there as there are a lot of pics and i'll just let them speak for themselves!

Rock On The Range 

traveling bar

Todd, David, and Tristan

Rachel, Laura, Tristan, David, and Todd


me crowd surfing to Shinedown


Marilyn Manson (he stole the entire weekend for me, beyond amazing performance)

Rob Zombie

before the Fest

my friends bangin ride

Bang Tech 12 Pre Party

Day 1

Hello Kitty Love




Frankie & Stevo, i've spent every DEMF with these boys for the past few years :):) some of my best friends

 DJ Jenna

 after the After Party White Castle is the only way to go

Day 2

super bummed this is pretty much the only pic i got in this outfit :p

Frankie and my sis's BF Eric

 My Sis and her BF


Day 3

 this is pretty much how we were all feeling Monday :p

Frankie Detroit


 old skool party kids :)

 Raver Mosh Pit (no lie, there were people crowd surfing!)

end of the night main stage! my first time staying the whole weekend too.

i had a blast and it was just what i needed, i love living in San Fran but i missed my friends and it just wouldn't be right if i missed these two Fest. i am going to try my hardest to make it back every year. so hopefully this won't be this years only gig blog. no Cali dates on the upcoming Papa Roach tour OR for UPROAR and i'm doubtful in A7X touring at all. but i'm crossing my fingers for sure, life without rock shows just isn't the least not for me anyway ;)

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