Saturday, May 12, 2012

so what do you know, i'm finally making a blog post after all this time. the long break was intentional, last month kind of sucked and i didn't care to record what happened in it so i just went dark for awhile. i'm slightly bummed i couldn't keep this blog going, hopping i can do better next year as i fully intend round two on a 365day challenge. i'm sure my 30th year will be more noteworthy anyway considering all the stigma surrounding the age. any way, i've got lots more going on in May and you can expect updates on a regular basis. i also have some catch up stuff to post which i will hopefully get around to during some down time while i'm back visiting Kalamazoo.

i'm flying back to MI on Tuesday to get some of the stuff i left behind (in addition to clothes: my Game Cube, comic book collection, and more jewelry supplies) and also to attend DEMF. and even though it wasn't looking good, thanks to some great friends i'm ending up at ROTR as well :):) sooo happy about this, not only do i get to party with my concert fam, i finally get a rock show this year. it's been waaay too long.

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