Friday, March 9, 2012


better pics of the new do

i'll be honest in saying that i kind of liked the colors i had before better :p but i like the overall look more, i think the dreads really fit this time. think i'll be going even shorter on the bangs too, i'm tired of my eyes always being hidden. one of my worst habits after finally completing is already planning what i'm going to do to my hair next -_- hehe. i'm thinking i'll use the Raspberry Crush as the main color with a little of the Pixie Pink mixed in to blend with the dreads. but i've got about three months to worry about that ;)
i'll probably be snapping lots of pics all month as i've got a photo shoot coming up in April and i like to work on posing and all that. also job hunting going down within the next week which probably means i'm gonna hit the bar this weekend  ^-^ if not tonight/tomorrow i plan on going crazy next weekend on St. Patty's Day for sure.

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