Tuesday, February 14, 2012


as mentioned on twitter earlier today, i got word from Kalamazoo that one of my very talented friends Short-e painted a picture of me. it's actually apart of her thesis art exhibit and is currently on display in Kalamazoo along side her other great work, but she gave me permission to post it here too :)

it's titled 'Beat Freak' and if you want to check it out visit this link to get all the info on the event. it's up all week and there will be DJs and dancing! also it will be on sale after the exhibit is over.

i also have to mention that Short-e is one of the most inspiring people you will ever meet. she has limited use of her hands so she does almost everything with her mouth. writes, paints,..even DJs :) in fact i'll never forget the first time i met her. i was on the way to my second rave ever, me and my friends were walking around lost, she and her friends were on the sidewalk and could instantly tell we were looking for the party :p they gave us directions and we later saw her there and partied all night. as long as i've been raving she has pretty much been at every party just like me ;) not to mention she's a great DJ too. we ironically were in the same painting class as well when i was in school back in the day.

this is definitely something i wish i could've attended. it really seemed like right when i was leaving Kzoo all these things were popping up that i wished i could partake in (while living there it was not like that at all of course)...i guess that's how it is sometimes. but it really means a lot to have a friend portray me like this and is kind of the perfect sendoff ^-^

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