Tuesday, January 31, 2012

W E E K 1

so i have to say my first week in San Francisco has gone pretty smoothly. got all my stuff without incident, have great roommates who showed me around and helped get me adjusted, and pretty much have all i need in my room. the only thing i'm missing is a comforter, ordered this one today ^-^

i've mentioned repeatedly how i want to do a graveyard theme and i think the black & grey combo is a great way to get that started. i do have bright pink polka dot sheets ATM (which i love) but down the line i hope to find some more horror type or slightly gothic ones. and i only have one gravestone but plan on obtaining more around Halloween time ;)

i also have to mention that the free cable we get here **suuucks**, if you've followed me for awhile you know what a challenge this is for me :p i'm sure it goes without saying i'll be taking care of that as soon as i can, hehe. 

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