Thursday, January 26, 2012


today was slightly more eventful as me and some of my roommates took off in the chilly weather to visit Haight St. for lunch and some shopping. two things i forgot about from my short visit to San Francisco in 2010 1) it gets pretty cold here sometimes which i actually prefer as i still get to live in my hoodies for the moment ^-^ and 2) it is really hard to walk uphill if you're not used to it :p i'm terribly out of shape so my legs were screaming only 5minutes into the journey. but i do enjoy having almost everything in walking distance and i hope all the foot traffic will counter out all the good food i've been eating. snapped a few pics with my iPhone on the way. really wish i would've got some of all the awesome stores that exist in that area but i was too busy taking it all in by that point ;)

also got this skirt and bracelet from a stripper store i went to the first time i was here and had totally regretted not having enough money to buy everything i wanted :p came across a few more stores that will surely help me go broke if i'm not careful, hehe. 

tomorrow i'll probably spend most of the day waiting for all my boxes to arrive but we're finally supposed to go clubbing at night. definitely ready to get my drink on in Cali.

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