Monday, December 12, 2011

My Xmas Wishlist

one of my favorite things to do this time of the year when i was younger, was go through all the huge holiday catalogues like Big Gift Book and make out a ridiculously long list to Santa. knowing full well i'd get less than half i always put all the important stuff at the top ;) but in no particular order, here is all the stuff i'd want under my tree this year if i had the chance:

Pokemon Fleece by Eros DIY

GOTHIC DOLL Punk Rock Cuff Arm Band by runnickyrun

A7X Deathbat Hoodie from Hot Topic

Hello Kitty Black Rolling Suitcase from

Hello Kitty Pattern Bangles from

Cat Ear Hoddie by girldorock

Demonia Skull Chain Strap Boots from Hot Topic

Cat Cosplay Gloves from asianwears

Hello Kitty Earphones from Strapya World

Kuromi Laptop Cover from

Cheshire Cat Hoodie by Calgary Cosplay 

Baroque Black Hoodie by

and last but not least...

Black and Hot Pink Furry Leg Warmers by

throw in a few of the tattoos i've been wanting to get and some concert tickets and you've pretty much got my best Xmas ever ^-^

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