Tuesday, December 6, 2011

GIG BLOG: Buried Alive Tour

as some of you may know, the Buried Alive Tour in Fort Wayne, IN may very well be my last concert around this area for awhile so i was even more excited than usual to hook up with my concert friends and hit the show. i've blogged many times over the years about how many amazing people i've met at both Avenged and Papa Roach concerts and have definitely made a tight group of friends that i always roll to the shows with. i was lucky enough to have most of those people there last week while we invaded the Allen County War Memorial Coliseum to see Avenged Sevenfold and Hollywood Undead. we all met up at Laura's house the morning of (i tried to make it the night before but got cut off by a flash snow storm :p) and made our way to the venue around noon to wait in line.

somehow i neglected to get pics of all of us together (of course) but i did get a few, some with other friends that we always see at shows. here they are along with our view from the line

cool Merch on the other side of the door

Bethy, Ashlee, and me ran by Wal*Mart before the show and got these camo sunglasses. we've been told Johnny Christ was rocking the same frames but i totally missed it :p (also me and Bethy are both wearing Medic BEAR ^-^)

this was like take three of a Vengenz group shot i was trying to get :p my camera was acting funny all night and this was the only one that came out

(Nikky, Jessi, me, Ashlee, and Cassie )

and me with Siarra and Lary who i also met at A7X shows (he gets noticed for his hair more than i do :)

we all pretty much had VIP and the entrance to the venue was indoors so we didn't have to freeze our asses off in line after all ;) it went by pretty quickly and we got into the venue around 5. we all made it to the barricade and i was even able to get drinks and food for all us at the front and still get my spot. the show opened with Black Veil Brides who i'd seen at Rock On The Range earlier this year. i hear a lot of people talk badly about these guys but i like them. i'm actually a fan of the look and their music stands out to me more than other bands similar to them. may even pick up an album ;) they definitely set the show off. the next band, Asking Alexandria, however i didn't really care for. the whole performance was kind of forgettable.

but it's true that i was very anxious for the next act, Hollywood Undead, so i'm sure i was eager for the second band to get off stage. i became a huge fan of these guys after the Nightmare After Christmas Tour earlier this year. i have in fact had American Tragedy in my player ever since i got it at ROTR in May so i went crazy as soon as they hit the stage. HU's live show can never disappoint, i've said it before but there's no denying it's like one big party. and even in the cramped confines of the front row you can't help but dance ^-^ as i mentioned my camera was not on point at all but i got a few shots

i am aiming to finally make it to a show that they're headlining, the sets always seem too short and i would love to show my support at one of their shows. we had a really cool bouncer in front of us who gave us tons of stuff :):) i got a setlist

even though it'd be nice if they had played longer of course i was ready for A7X to come out :) it wasn't a long wait but i was dying a little in the mosh pit and since i'm pretty sure this is going to be the last tour for awhile i couldn't wait for the show to start. and start it did ;) this was definitely one of the more eventful shows i've been to. from people throwing man thongs on stage, to Matt looking down the shirt of one of the girls next to me, to the really really great song line up. but the most amazing thing that happened was definitely when they let a fan come on stage and play So Far Away. i was pretty much in awe, not only at the fact that it happened but at how talented the guy was too. i totally got a video of it but the video function on my camera is awful...beyond awful. i'm pretty sure i am not going to post it :( a few people have asked but i wasn't even in focus so it's not a very good watch either :p but i did get a few decent pics!

after i filmed the vid my battery started flashing so these were mostly taken just in the nick of time :p i also wanted to change it up a bit so i went with black & white this time which i kind of like how they turned out. right at the end of the night i got pointed out by both Syn & Matt (which will never cease to make me smile and jump around like a giddy school girl :p) and also got picks from Syn, and Arin :) ZV threw me a pick but our bouncer failed us this time and i didn't get it but right after the show Cassie found me and gave me one of hers ^-^ so a big thank you to her for that. definitely compels me to do the same as i've collected a lot over the years. but that one is staying with me as it'll be a great reminder of my last show living in this area.

after the show we of course go straight to the buses but it was freezing and we'd heard all night that some of the bands were going to the strip club right next to the venue. so some of the underaged people with us left and me & Laura went to the club. pretty much right after we get our drinks and sit down they start playing an A7X song and i look to my left only to see Johnny Christ walk through the door! he was surrounded by a bunch of people including some huge bodyguards but i somehow make it over and ask him for a pic

then i ask if i can buy him a shot :p he says "no you can't do that, what do you drink?" i of course say Jack Daniel's. two shots of JD appear kind of out of nowhere and i proceed to do a shot with Johnny Christ ^-^ it was definitely very awesome. i chat with him for a bit longer then escape because as always i get really nervous around bands. a bit later we see Danny and JDog from HU and my camera hangs in long enough to get one with them as well

i ask Danny about the American Tragedy Redux album and about what kind of sound it has. i mention that i'm a raver and he says "oh then you're going to LOVE it!" so i'm definitely going to pick that up. not too much later Siarra and Lary joined our table, they have been to TONS of A7X/HU shows so the HU guys know them really well. i was still a little shocked when Johnny 3 Tears came and sat down at our table too :):) and i must of been a *little* drunk because i was not apprehensive at all about sitting on his lap ;)

i did buy us a couple of shots (crown royal) and i have to mention that one of the BVB members was at the bar and he said he liked my furry boots ^-^ i love their style so that definitely made me happy. after that we stayed until the club closed, i befriended some of the strippers, then we hit iHop where we ran into some other fans from the show! and i love that :) you hit a bar, or restaurant, or hotel near the venue and you almost always run into people from the show, and make friends. they joined or table and we all chatted and didn't leave iHop till around 4am.

soooooo that is pretty much it! i just have to say that the past few years hitting shows around here have absolutely been the best years on my life. no lie. and i am actually really sad to have to leave all these people behind. even if i make new friends and have new experience at the shows out in Cali it will definitely never be the same. so a really REALLY big thank you to all the people who i've met the past few years at A7X and PRoach shows. you know who you are and i love you guys foREVer and i'm really going to miss all of you.

~**till next time**~

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