Thursday, December 29, 2011

F I L M: Don't Go In The Woods

if you've been following my Twitter for awhile you probably already know i have a huge thing for Vincent D'Onofrio :p so imagine my surprise when i found out he had written and directed a horror flick!

this movie, which he calls a 'slasher musical' is about a band who journeys into the woods to write new music and make it big without the distractions of drugs, alcohol, or woman. i watched this film today, and being a huge horror movie fan i was definitely skeptical about the musical aspect of things. but i was pleasantly surprised with how much i enjoyed it. not only was there a really nice amount of blood and gory scenes, but the band is filled with young attractive rockers who were all extremely talented. the type of music not usually my taste but i found myself really impressed by all the musical numbers. and they were placed throughout the flick so well surround by this wonderfully bizarre storyline. it also has a pretty great ending which, in my opinion, is the most important part of a horror movie. everything about it was just right up my ally, i loved it :) i suggest any horror and music fan check it out, definitely an entertaining watch. you can find it now onDemand.

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