Wednesday, November 23, 2011


as mentioned on my twitter today i went spelunking through the massive amounts of clothing i have stashed at my parents old house. i'm not even sure how they haven't been hanging in my closet the past few years :p i have limited space and the last time i moved i pretty much just grabbed all my VU gear, most of my skirts, some fave hoodies and left the rest behind. i went in search of this awesome Sonic Hoodie

won it off Ebay years ago, not totally positive but i think it was reconstructed by Poppys Wicked Garden. definitely one of my faves :)

and look at all the great tops i found

there's lots more not pictured including the bag i still have in my car and all the items i'll be going back for when i have more time. i also grabbed stuff that i no longer want that i will be selling before the year is over (i know i've said this several times before :p but this time it's kind of now or never). so keep an eye out, i'll probably just post them here on the blog!

new pics still coming, trying to get editing done while still finishing jewelry work so i can get the new stuff up quickly after the holiday. but you can see one now posted over on my Tumblr

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