Sunday, November 6, 2011


as mentioned i'll be redoing my hair the next couple of weeks. for those who don't know i wear braided in synthetic extensions, both loose hair and synthetic dreads. i do it all myself so the process can take from a few weeks to a month depending on the style and number of colors i'm working with.

i use Shape Shifters Synthetic Extensions and i'm using two different pinks,  Raspberry Crush & Bubblegum (photos from )


here's a pic of progress so far

really loving the contrast. i'm under the gun to get this done before a photo shoot i have coming up on the 19th. and also have to take a break next week while i attend a Hollywood Undead concert ;) but i'll be putting more dreads in this time (which are in the mail on the way, will blog more about those when they arrive) so i should have it all installed in time. getting back to it now, i'll try and post progress daily.

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