Friday, November 11, 2011

Friday Night

i can already tell tonight's gonna be awesome :):) i'll be going home bar wise to see some of the local DJs spin at the spot i used to frequent every weekend, Ouzos

a few years ago this bar was THE place to check out all the local DJs in Kzoo. and every now and then we'd get some bigger names roll through, either way it was always a good time. my best friend also lived close by and we used to have all the after parties at his house. it got so big once we had two different parties going at the same time and the cops busted it :p those were seriously the days ;) will be meeting up with the crew for some pre drinking then getting down to some amazing house music

here also is a quick hair progress pic

been having a lot of interruptions so i've been moving pretty slow and also still don't have the new dreads but i'm determined to have it done in time.

i'll possibly have photos from tonight to post. the last two times bringing my camera out has royal fucked it up :p so i'm a bit hesitant but we'll see.

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