Thursday, October 27, 2011


here's a quick blog in honor of my favorite holiday, Halloween. i snapped a few pics at some of the local Halloween stores i visited over the past month

and some less creepy decorations from Michaels and Target

for those who don't know i'll be dressing up as Alice and the Rabbit :) i'm hoping to get a chance to do a little photo shoot in my costume for the site before i wear it out but that's doubtful. the first party i'm going to is tomorrow night and i'll be pretty busy till then. and there's no telling what kind of debauchery i'll get into so hopefully i don't ruin it :p here's the event i'm attending

i did want to goto Detroit as there are a lot of big parties going on but it's just too costly to try and make plans this late in the game. i also want to support the fact we're having a bigger event in Kzoo, it's definitely been awhile. so hopefully i'll have some costume pics to post sometime tomorrow. i leave you with the only bloody shot i was able to snap this month. Happy Halloween >:)

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