Monday, March 10, 2014


well hello there, here i am finally breathing some new life into this blog. i've been aching to get back into the game for months but couldn't quite push myself to do it until now. really this is just a quick pop in to say hi. if you follow my other accounts you might remember i spoke of a Halloweeny themed post that i'll be getting up soon. for now here are some recent pics

i had the pleasure of attending an Art Show the other night and got some cool photos there as well

it was showcasing an LA based artist named Beau Roulette whose latest work features several Suicide Girls. i really enjoyed it and hope to see more (and i'm getting my hopes up but i'd love to work with him in the future as well :).

so that's all for now. i'm busy working on items for a new store i'll be launching in the near future so besides being at the costume shop, that's where most of my time will be going. but i'm definitely planning some new self portraiture and other projects in the works. stay tuned, Wickedland will soon be very much alive.

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